Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join The Fine Foodies Rewards?
Visit your nearest Barossa Fine Foods, Standom Smallgoods or Angelakis Brothers store and ask one of our friendly staff to help you join! They will provide you with a Rewards card and guide you in the simple process of registering online.

How much does it cost to join?
Our rewards program is FREE for everyone to join!

How does the points and rewards system work?
Earn 1 point for every $1 spent across our three brands.
500 points = $10 reward 

Can I use the same card at all Barossa Fine Foods, Standom Smallgoods and Angelakis Brothers stores?
Yes, you sure can! That’s the beauty of our new rewards card - it may be used at all store locations across our three brands. All purchases you make as a member will accrue points.

Do I have to use my rewards dollars at the store I usually shop at?
No, you may use your rewards dollars at any Barossa Fine Foods, Standom Smallgoods or Angelakis Brothers store - the choice is yours. 

What happens if I forget my card? Can I still access the Member pricing?
If you forget or can’t find your card, not to worry! Just give our team your mobile number and they can find you in our Rewards system so that you can still accrue points on your purchase! You can also add your card to the Stocard app so you never have to worry about it! 

Once I accrue 500 points and earn my $10 reward, what happens?
Your points balance will go back to zero and you can start earning points to reach your next $10 reward!

What else does being a member of The Fine Foodies Rewards offer?
When you join, you can access Members Only specials every time you shop in-store! You will also have access to exclusive members’ only promotions, giveaways and competitions.

Can I earn points from my online order?
Yes, you can! Currently, you can only redeem your rewards dollars in-store…but we’re working on this! All of your online order will accrue points so that you can spend your rewards in-store.