Barossa Fine Foods sources raw materials from some
of the best farmers in South Australia & regional Australia. The company has good relationships directly with the farmers it buys from and looks to provide the best the state has to offer.

Our pigs are not grown in cages and instead are allowed to grow in large sheds with temperature control, ample straw and room for furrowing. Were possible we also source free range and organic products.

Here are a few of our farmers:


Free Range Turkey

Watson - Bordertown (Limestone Coast)

Accredited Free Range Chicken

Gawler & Adelaide Plains Regions


West Victoria (Frew)

North to Mid North South Australia and the Mallee region


R Rudiger - Karoonda (Murraylands)

J Rudiger - Truro (Barossa Valley)

N Bridger - Hilltown (Mid North)

M Schuster - Freeling (Barossa Valley)

N Patterson - Bute (Mid North)

Organic Lamb

Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb