Bierwurst (701)

A lean pork mince base set off with mustard seeds and coriander.

Cooked Tongue (725)

An old fashioned favorite. Pickled ox tongue, cured, cooked and pressed.

Green Pepper Mortadella (721)

German style mortadella with white and green peppercorns.

Gypsy Tiroler (711)

Our most robust flavoured meat with generous garlic and green peppercorns.

Hamwurst (712)

Cubed cured pork leg mixed with a fine base with a fresh cardamon character.

Jagerbraten Hunters Roast (830)

A pork belly roast filled with a garlic and black pepper stuffing.

Leberkase (713)

Fine German meatloaf with roasted onion, pepper and ginger.

Mortadella Italian (719)

A traditional Italian deli meat, made from pork and seasoned with nutmeg and coriander.

Mortadella Italian Pepper (720)

A traditional Italian deli meat, made from pork with peppercorns.

Paprika Leberkase (715)

Fine meatloaf with green and red capsicums.

Paprika Pariser (724)

A fine meat mixture with a feature of green and red capsicums.

Pariser (722)

A fine meat mixture seasoned with pepper and ginger.

Pistachio Meatloaf (717)

Distinct minced pork meatloaf with pistachios and marjoram.

Porchetta (875)

Roasted pork loin with thyme, sage and garlic. Purchase whole or sliced. 100% Australian Pork.

Presswurst (727)

Twice cooked Pork in aspic with a hint of ginger, pepper and white vinegar.

Tonguewurst (728)

Cooked beef tongues on a pork base with a hint of blood, cloves and marjoram.

Vinegar Presswurst With Onion (726)

Twice cooked Pork in aspic with a refreshing flavour of onions and white vinegar.