Black Pepper Port Pate (110g) (844)

Hand made and decorated with cracked pepper in aspic.

Chicken & Almond Pate (110g) (846)

Hand made and blended with almond flakes, cloves and hand decorated with parsley, almond flakes and baby corn.

Duck & Walnut Pate (110g) (848)

Hand made and blended with cherry liqueur, cloves, majoram and hand decorated with mixed peppercorns.

Duck Terrine (850)

A multi-award winning hand made coarse style duck and pork terrine with pistachios and fresh herbs wrapped in our meaty speck.

Farmhouse Pate (110g) (853)

Hand made coarse pate and flavoured with green pepper, brandy and garlic, covered in speck and decorated with bay leaves and juniper berries.

French Pate (110g) (855)

Hand made fine pate with pronounced onion and brandy flavour on a pork base and capsicum topping.