Double Smoked Ham (605)

A hand sewn full muscle leg ham with rind on. Our original ham variety. Judged 2nd place in the Australian Pork 'Best Australian Ham' awards.

Federation Honey Ham (633)

Full muscle double smoke leg ham with rind.

French Ham (608)

A double smoked and cured, rolled rindless pork loin, filled with pork mince, garlic and champignons.

Gypsy Ham (Blackforest) (613)

A full muscle smoked leg ham coated in an onion and garlic mix, with rind and fat removed.

Ham Speck (621)

A topside muscle ham, double smoked with a traditional sweet curing mixture.

Pepper Ham (635)

Full muscle double smoked leg ham massaged and sprinkled with cracked black pepper inside and out.

Piccolo Schinken (637)

A double smoked leg ham in miniature size.

Smoked Leg Ham (600)

A boneless, double smoked and cooked full muscle leg ham with fat and rind removed.

Tyroler Schinken (762)

Traditional family recipe, dry cured cold smoked heat treated. A german style smoked prosciutto with savoury flavours.