Biltong (765)

South African style dried beef, marinated in worchesteshire sauce and coriander.

Cooked Beef (840)

Yearling Silverside of beef, corned with our 40 year old method then cooked.

Dried Beef (766)

Beef strips marinated in worchesteshire sauce and secret spices. Dried and smoked to perfection.

Dutch Smoked Beef (769)

Dry salted beef, cold smoked and aged 3 to 4 months untill it aquires a deep aromatic flavour.

New York Style Pastrami (772)

Best end brisket of beef, traditional cure coated in our own authentic New York style seasoning.

Pastrami (774)

Cured silverside eye of beef coated in a blend of spices.

Rare Roast Beef (833)

Slightly roasted beef until rare and marinated in cajun paprika mix.

Roast Beef (834)

One of our most awarded products. Roasted topside of yearling beef, lightly marinaded and oven roasted but kept tender and moist.

Schulz Smoked Wagyu Beef (842)

Using Wagyu beef with a minimum marble score of 4, traditionally cured, cold smoked and heat treated giving a unbelievable rich flavour that melts in your mouth.