Dry Cured Lachschinken (630)

Eye of Pork loin dry cured, cold smoked and aged till firm to slice with a fully developed flavour.

Federation Bacon (652)

100% Australian Pork. Full middle traditional Barossa cured bacon, smoked for 2 days in our old fashioned smokehouse.

Gourmet Bacon (654)

100% Australian Pork. A smoked short eye bacon.

Gypsy Speck (657)

Rindless cured pork belly coated in paprika, onion and garlic, smoked and steamed.

Kassler Chops (625)

Cured, smoked and cooked lean pork loin on bone.

Meaty Speck (659)

Rind on belly bacon, mildly cured, double smoked and cooked. Also known as Kaiserfleisch.

Middle Bacon Sliced (660)

100% Australian Pork. A double smoked bacon prepared with our traditional brine mixture which has a milder salt flavour.

Pancetta (668)

Dry salted rindless pork belly, cold smoked and heat treated with a great balanced flavour.

Schulz Bacon (200g pack) (671)

100% Australian Pork. Judged 2011 & 2012 "Best Australian Bacon" in the national pork competition.