Beef Sausage (500)

A Plain pure beef sausage, perfect for the BBQ with a mild flavour that's great for kids!

Bratwurst (505)

A traditional German pork based sausage with lemon, ginger, chives and paprika.

Cambridge Chipolatas (506)

A cocktail size Royal English sausage, fine ground with english rusk, pepper, nutmeg and sage.

Chevapchichi (500g Pack) (508)

A medium ground Hungarian skinless sausage with garlic, onion and coriander. Kids love these!

Chicken & Mango Sausage (510)

A fine ground chicken thigh sausage with sweet mango, a tropical marinade and a little chilli to balance the sweetness.

Chicken Basil & Sun Dried Tomato Sausage (513)

A fine ground chicken thigh sausage with fresh basil, sun dried tomato and herbs.

Country Sausage (518)

A medium ground beef and pork sausage with rosemary, thyme and onion.

Cumberland Sausage (522)

A medium ground pure pork sausage seasoned with sage and nutmeg.

Duck & Veal Sausage (520)

A fine ground sausage with 40% duck meat, fennel, garlic, onion, parsley and cardamon. A multi-award winning sausage.

Free Range Turkey Sausage (541)

A free range turkey sausage made from Pooginagoric Turkeys from Bordertown.

French Merguez Sausage (529)

A medium ground beef, lamb and pork sausage with paprika, chilli, cumin and oregano. A traditional french recipe.

Italian Hot Sausage (524)

A pork sausage with garlic, pepper, coriander and chilli.

Italian Mild Sausage (525)

A pork sausage with pepper, garlic, fennel and coriander.

Mississippi Sausage (530)

A pork based medium ground sausage with hickory smoke flavour, a hint of capsicum, herbs and generous cheese.

Nurnberger Bratwurst (531)

A thin pork and veal cocktail sausage with onions, pepper and caraway.

Steak Sausage (539)

A medium ground sausage with coriander, paprika and a hint of garlic.

Turkish Lamb Sausage (542)

A pure lamb sausage with mixed herbs, currants and pine nuts.

Wagyu Sausage (544)

A wagyu beef sausage with roasted onion, cracked pepper, thyme and horseradish.